septiembre 29, 2023

ten percent people Singles are utilizing adult dating sites

Below are a few matchmaking stats through the POF weblog. In my opinion these numbers are for 2011 and just concern the usa.

  • There are 54 million singles
  • of these 10 percent (5.5 million) are making use of an internet dating service
  • 2.6 million buy the service making 2.9 million that do not.
  • Overall 8.8 million have actually experimented with internet dating

in line with the me Census in ’09 there are 95.9 million single folks in the US. Thus I guess about 40 per cent of these should be in a number of type of common law commitment and just have never married. It’s my opinion that ten percent figure of individuals who make use of adult dating sites probably has not yet changed a great deal during the last five years. The trick now for adult dating sites is to get another 49 million to use online dating.

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