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The 5 Types of Guys

Females nowadays keep high expectations for their fantasy guy: «He’s wise, affluent, athletic, painful and sensitive, good-looking, funny…»

And numerous others as well as on as well as on.

But, the truth is, it is impractical to discover a human that is the complete package. Its more like he’s got one principal attribute and several some other tasty parts inside the individuality.

Here are a few basic schemas of men. Probably his principal attribute will end up in these classes:

1. The Provider.

This man usually provides his Blackberry, notebook or perhaps the latest «Economist» in hand. He works hard and life an upscale way of living.

Any time you marry him, you will not be fretting about finances or dealing with them, you may experience much less face-to-face time aided by the spouse, would youn’t have the time to train soccer or drive carpool.

2. The Fixer.

This one is very mechanical. From home repairs to car technicians, you never need to phone a handyman. He’s a hands-on guy and is usually tinkering out at little projects.

The disadvantage to this man is actually he might not be the breadwinner, if that is what you are wanting, but he can be a practical father.


«do not question he’ll create a

great partner and dad, also.»

3. The Thinker.

You can sniff around a thinker from a two-minute talk. This guy is actually mental. He’s a thoughtful coordinator and a good decision-maker.

On the downside, he may perhaps not live an extremely natural life. If fascination and intelligent conversations commonly your own glass a tea, you may want to stay away from this person.

Extra: He is probably outstanding financial partner and ready to help the children down employing technology projects.

4. The Caregiver.

This man is a superb lover and an excellent caretaker. If you want a person who can cook, clean and nurture, he’s the one. He’s pleased to handle you, whether you have the flu or maybe just like to be focused to occasionally.

He might end up being a nurse, a paramedic, a firefighter. You should not doubt he will make the spouse and daddy too, simply not if you think a caregiver is the same as a person who spoils you.

5. The Metrosexual.

We’ve all spotted this guy prior to. He is clothed for the nines and could cause you to uncomfortable about your dress. He’ll join you for a mani/pedi and brow waxing and tends to make fantastic vision candy.

You will be combating for bathroom amount of time in the days with him in which he is likely to be so swept up in his look that child barf on their Armani fit might send him into a tizzy.

What sort of men are you attracted to?

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