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Lesbianing with AE! You’ve fallen for a buddy, but does she enjoy women? – AfterEllen


Hey Lindsey,

And so I’ve been going insane with racking your brains on if my any pal really likes me personally. Thus listed here is some of the items that have happened….So as soon as we 1st turned into pals she made a build a bear and said it actually was all of our child then she wished to fake time and I swear she had previously been all flirty but when we shared with her that I appreciated the woman she was all like I really like you too and a buddy and that I’m baffled because I thought I became correct and that I ended up being simply thinking won’t you might think the same thing if someone else performed that for you?


Hey Becca,

I find it best to think men and women once they let me know how they feel—best considering that the alternative is largely operating me crazy second guessing exactly why their own words and actions you shouldn’t align, exactly what changed, and whether or not it was some thing i did so. That type of insane making never becomes me personally anyplace. However for quite a while i obtained swept up inside, so I certainly comprehend in which your head has reached.

The pal is not into you. She wants you as a pal. You’re having problems trusting the girl considering the woman flirtatious conduct.

Discover finished ., however. The friend could have planned to «fake time» you in order to find out if she’d desire to really date you—and made the decision that she couldn’t desire to date you for so many appropriate explanations, some of them getting:

• the woman is drawn to you physically although not emotionally or vice versa

• this woman is bicurious not prepared date a lady

• this lady has thoughts for an ex and it isn’t ready to be with any person today

• She loves interest from women—and homosexual ladies readily target various other ladies no matter their sex


We’ve written about flirty relationships prior to, and
look for about this right here
whether it can help you discover closure from the entire circumstance.

You probably didn’t ask myself exactly what your friend had been considering, though. You requested the things I would have made from her conduct and answer is: it all depends.

You’ll find surely times I would personally have assumed she was actually into me, whilst did. There’s also times i might have observed through her behavior to comprehend that she wanted my love and attention, but would never reciprocate romantically.

Discover definitely times i might have assumed she had been into me personally, because did. You will also discover times i’d have experienced through her behavior to understand that she wanted my personal affection and attention, but would not reciprocate romantically.

Does your own pal recognize as a lesbian, or features she previously dated or slept with a lady? If she’s already been directly identified until she mentioned she wished to fake date you and have a bear baby, I then’d brush off her behavior as typical flirty/bicurious straight girl. I may have flirted and been affectionate with her when it forced me to feel great to accomplish this, yet not expected it turn into any such thing real.

Yes, for many people, feminine sexuality is liquid plus some among these straight-identified ladies do carry on to accept their bi or lesbian side, sooner or later, sometimes making use of the ladies they flirt with. Could happen—but it really is uncommon, and it is typically a complete waste of psychological electricity to pursue those ladies.

Certainly, for a few people, female sexuality is actually liquid many of these straight-identified females perform carry on to accept their own bi or lesbian area, at some point, occasionally utilizing the ladies they flirt with. Could happen—but it is uncommon, and it’s really normally a complete waste of mental fuel to follow those females.

If I knew she appreciated females and she acted by doing this, i’d have thought I experienced chances with her and may even have expected her out. However, she made herself obvious. She wants a friendship only. Perform her (and you) the favor of trusting this lady, in order to find somebody who is emotionally offered and is in fact a lesbian or bisexual.

If you want to pull back from friendship for a while, because you’ve believed there clearly was potential and you’ve been rebuffed, that is great. Take some area from this buddy until youare able observe her platonically once again. Utilize that additional time to follow different women making it clear your gal mate that you are touring for dateable women to eliminate any weirdness either of you could be feeling.

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